Hey Skinnies,
So as you all may have read from my series (Confessions 1,2,3), things went down the very wrong path. As angry as I was while going through this during the week, I look back now not so angry. Hey, the time has passed and I can no longer go back. At this point we can move forward to Week #2 and continue to gain weight.
So before week #1 officially began on Sunday September 22, 2013, I lost two additional pounds from Friday to that Sunday. How you may wonder? As I described in Confessions #1 ,  stayed up during a 24 hour period (no sleep) hardly eating anything. Why was I up? Trying to catch up with my life with chores, errands, and working on creative projects. The weekends have become a hot commodity in my life that I value. I no longer have as much time during the week to get things accomplished. Hopefully this will only be temporary until I make some changes in my life. Needless to say I was bummed, but by midweekI had gain the pounds I lost. Although I wasn’t hitting the amount of calories I needed to eat, I was consistent in the amount of meals I ate which was a great milestone. Happy…eh not so much. At this point, I was behind schedule.  It didn’t help when on ThursdayI worked 13+ hours while hardly eating anything and drinking less water than I normally do. SMH. One month ago, I was 112lbs.  Three weeks ago, I was at 110lbs. And now I am barely at a comfortable 108lbs. I didn’t imagine that I would be starting so low on the darn scale. But it’s ok, I will hit my goal before the end of the year. I am determined!
108lbs WHAT??!!
Lessons Learned:
On the Go– During the week, I am too busy and too tired to cook. So I have to make sure I have enough snacks (ie. Nuts, fruit, quick prep foods) on deck to count towards the daily calorie goals. Also, leftovers are my best friends.
Stress – I avoid eating when stressed. Unlike emotional eaters while stressed, I tend to put off eating when stressed on my job or with life situations. Having snacks mentioned above nearby to consume are beneficial. Stop, breathe, meditate, cue favorite song when feeling extremely stressed.
Grocery Shopping– I’m usually pretty good with shopping for the week but now that I’m serious about gaining weight, I have to make sure to cover all items that would accommodate my “On the go” lifestyle.
Food Diary– I Purchased a food diary that I carry in my purse and also have an app for my phone to track calories. This is important to know how many calories I’m consuming.


Exercise– I hate exercising! At this point in the journey, I know realistically I will not go downstairs in my apartment for the gym or take classes to exercise. I don’t have the drive right now and don’t have the time. No need for denial. I have to recognize where I am and act accordingly. See below for my at home exercise chart for the next 30 days. If I stay consistent for 30 days, I will then be determined enough to go to the gym. Baby steps.


Partial View to Entire Workout Plan
Find a New Job ASAP– As far as my mental health and physical health; I will need to step up my game to find a new job. This current job is taking more from me than adding to my life. It is also affecting my health negatively.
Initially when I starting this blog I thought, “Oh this will be easy. I did it before last year with no problem.” Well news flash to me, it ain’t so easy when trying to stay healthy and juggling my very busy life. Let’s see if I can reach the goal of 130lbs by December 31st. I think it can be done, do you?
In Skinny Love,
Skinny Makeda

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