Hey Skinnies,
I know my update is long over due. I haven’t been updating as much because there has been no change. I did get to 111lbs but lost that one pound. But I’m sure for some of my readers, you’re curious to know about the journey.
Week #3 Recap
So I recorded a video on my laptop talking about things that I realized and highlighting foods that are nutritious and high in calories. I didn’t add this as a public video on YouTube because I didn’t edit it as much and the quality is nowhere near my camcorder. But there are some classic “Aha” moments within this Vlog.

Week #4 Recap
As I mentioned in the intro of this blog post, there was no change. I gained one pound mid-week in Week #4 but I lost it by the weekend. Not sure how because I took advantage of my cheat days this week. Oh well, no worries. Week #5 is upon us and I’ll continue on. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll weigh 112lbs but if I don’t… “Don’t cry for me Argentina” lol

Weight Gain Foods Mentioned in Video
*Brazil Nuts 190 calories/ 7 pieces
*Raw Pecan Pieces 210 calories/ ¼ cup
*Raw Almonds  200 calories/ small packet
*Macadamia Nuts Dry Roasted & Unsalted 220 calories/ ¼ cup
*Green Superfood Energy Bar  230 calories/ per bar

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