So I’ve been experimenting with the new Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation Cocoa Medium #84 for some weeks now.  FYI: This shade was not a perfect match and it has red undertones. There’s a small selection of shades. I’ve been on the hunt for a really great high-end liquid foundation and don’t think I really found my staple just yet. My favorite high-end powder foundation is Makeup Forever  (MUFE) Duo Matte Foundation. That is my staple and has been repurchased over the past few years. Now to be clear, I am a big foundation junkie. I love testing out the new foundation on the market that claims to be better than the next.
There is a list of categories that I consider when evaluating the high-end foundation at hand. Price is not so much a factor because if it’s high-end, I expect it to be a bit pricey. However if the price tag is more than desired, the product better blow me away. The categories: Application, Shine Control, Long wear, Fragrance, Coverage, Pores/Lines/Wrinkles, Transfer, and Comparison to Fav Drugstore Foundation.  Without further ado , let’s get into the evaluation.
Marc Jacobs Quick Review:
Application – The foundation is best applied with a Beauty Blender sponge or your choice in sponge. I used a brush as suggested by Marc Jacobs and had the Sephora rep apply a test amount with the Marc Jacobs foundation brush. When using both brushes it did not give me a flawless finish. Foundation is easy to apply either way. Use a sponge for a flawless finish.
Coverage – I would say the coverage is medium coverage with capability to build to full coverage. If you use less foundation you’ll have the perfect light coverage. I applied MUFE Duo Matte, which gave it full coverage with only one pump. I enjoy the ability to build to full coverage because I don’t always wear full coverage on a daily basis.
Pores/Lines/Wrinkles – Although I don’t have a serious problem with wrinkles and lines, I do have a problem with pores. With initial application the foundation takes care of my pore issue and cover the little wrinkles and lines that I may have on my face. However, it does not stay covered for more than 4 hours.
Fragrance – The scent is not bad although it does linger for several hours after application. I don’t have a problem with it because it does not clash with my perfume. It’s a nice clean scent.

Shine Control The first two hours you get a great face that stays in place. But by the fourth hour, my face is shiny I’m embarrassed for anyone to see me. In order for the shine to stay under control rinse with cold water, use a great matte primer, an oil control setting, spray, a matte powder (MUFE Duo Matte), and also HD Powder. Yes to get maybe five hours before having to blot you need to do some serious prepping with the skin. If you’re using the foundation for only several hours, well you’re set for the event without blotting. I do not suggest wearing this foundation during the summer months for oily girls.

Transfer – I honestly didn’t notice transfer on my hands. Unlike some other foundations, I immediately see the foundation on my fingers after touching my face. When wearing this foundation I didn’t notice it.
Long wear – This foundation doesn’t last very long. I would say maybe eight hours. Your face will not look exactly like it did when first applied unfortunately. If you have a long day that’s 10+ hours, I would not suggest using this foundation. For a normal workday, you could use this but beware of the advice mentioned.
Grab or Pass? – See below for advice and final thoughts.

Final Verdict: PASS! For the amount of money this foundation costs, I expected a lot more. I expected more shades, better shine control, and a long lasting foundation. Furthermore, I feel like I had to do too much work just to get average shine control and decent coverage for a work day. Plus I need long wear that goes beyond 8 hours.
Advice: Get a sample first before purchasing the bottle!  Not recommended for oily girls in the summer. If you’re itching to purchase a new foundation, skip this and just go to the drugstore.

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