I’ve been really debating how useful stretched hair is for me these days. When I had a longer hair length, I did all I could to really show off the length of my hair. My shrinkage is pretty bad so I mastered different ways to showcase stretched hair. Now that my hair is cut into a natural tapered style I do all I can just to keep it short without going to the stylist. Eventually I would like the top to fall over but the short style is really nice for my face. I recently did a tutorial on stretched hair in 2 hours and realized now that my hair is growing faster, shrinkage is my best friend.

It’s funny how things change during your natural hair journey. When I became a born again natural in 2008, all I wanted was long stretched out hair. Nowadays, I can careless about hair length and more about convenience and style. I also spend less time trying to figure out what type of hair I have and just love the various types I do have. Caring for this hair in the right manner is all I care about. Keeping it cut in the back and sides is another priority. Luckily I have figured out how to maintain in between salon visits.

I can honestly say for me, stretched hair isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Thankfully my hair is cut in a style that will lovingly embrace my 4b /4c hair texture. Especially when I just don’t feeling like twisting my hair the night before. Be sure to check out my video below!

Peace & Blessings

Author: Makeda

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