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I had to share what I’ve been loving lately. I always thought that the tuna option would be a waste to start including in my lunch routine. However when visiting my local grocery store two weekends ago, I  discovered one packet that had the highest amount of calories. Lo and behold, we have the StarKist Tuna in Sunflower Oil.

Source: www.StarKist.com

Although I’m not the biggest fan of packaged foods and try to eat them at a minimal on a daily basis; this little jewel has been helpful in adding a couple pounds throughout the week. It’s also a relatively healthy option too. Tuna is filled with protein and Omega-3. And if you’re unfamiliar with Omega-3, it promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. #winning

I also wanted to do some research on Sunflower Oil. I have heard the name thrown around but had no clue of the health benefits. It seems that Sunflower Oil is considered to be ranked one of the healthiest oils. Sunflower Oil includes a high amount of vitamins E, B(1,5,6), C as well as the copper, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. You can also find folate, potassium, calcium,  riboflavin, iron, and niacin. Wow!

This little packet has a lot of nutrients that our bodies could definitely use. It’s easy for me to eat two 2.6 oz packets at a time. I would love to find the bigger 6.4 oz packets to take in even more calories!

Grocery stores usually have 2/$3 or less deals, so stock up. And if you find manufacturer coupons in Sunday’s Paper, then you will have an even greater amount of savings. Until next time…

Love God. Love Yourself. Love Family.

Skinny Makeda


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