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I wanted to come in and share some updates with you. I have some wonderful Weight Gain Journey videos coming this week on my Youtube Channel so you may hear the same information given twice. Anyway, I’m so happy that I finally started gaining weight again. The week isn’t over and I have already gained two pounds. Motivation: Instagram, Facebook Groups, and other people of inspiration. I really evaluated where I lack discipline, and instead of beating myself up I found a remedy to keep me on track.

Backup plans are essential while on this journey or any other kind of journey. You will often get tempted to deviate from your daily tasks which is human nature. Why beat down on yourself? It’s more productive to just work around your habits. So last weekend I purchased some items from the grocery store to help provide necessary calories whenever I feel lazy. As I already mentioned, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel because I’ll share what I purchased. It may be helpful to periodically showcase food items that I grab at the grocery store.

Picture of my lunch this week

I’ve been able to link up with people online that are really resourceful with exercise routines and all things fitness related. The first person is Noah from NJ Art of Fitness. His Instagram and Facebook Page have been true inspiration and I even solicited for his suggestions on keeping my stomach toned. Another wonderful person is India from YouTube (FitNaturalBelle), who is now a Beach Body Coach. I recently purchased the Hip Hop Abs DVD from her and find plenty of helpful healthy tutorials on her channel. Watching her videos convinced me to purchase the Nutribullet which I still love to this day. Be sure to check out both pages and contact them if you need help or advice.

Now that I’m on the right path, I noticed my stomach starting to bulge. Hence the reason, I’m on top of all these stomach fitness plans. But I also noticed my thighs widen. Ohh La La. It’s not drastic but I noticed the change and that’s the perfect motivation to continue with the squats. If I stop any exercising I notice my body look even more thin (and flat) and it’s harder for me to gain weight. Weird huh? I guess that’s why regardless of whether you need to lose or gain weight, it is extremely important to keep up with some form of exercising.

For those trying to gain, be sure to stay on top of squats, weight lifting or resistance training. That’s the key to truly seeing fast weight gain or the illusion of a body change. I haven’t gained much but the squats created the illusion that my body gained 5lbs. I’ll post pictures at the beginning of February to show the difference in my body from month to month. Until next time..

Love God. Love Yourself. Love Family.

Skinny Makeda


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