Here’s a new segment I’ll try and stay consistent with this year. As I mentioned in my videos, all of you who are reading my weight gain posts are my accountability partners. These posts help keep me going on this weight gain journey. I will start off by posting these segments every other week.

Instead of posting pictures on Instagram of what I’m eating or drinking, it may be helpful to share ideas of what I’m eating at a high calorie count. I’m sure many of you are scratching your heads for ideas on healthy food options on your weight gain journey. So my hope is that these posts will give you the inspiration you need to create your own meal ideas. Below are two options that I enjoyed last week and didn’t realize it was over 1,000 calories until much later.


4 Handful of Almonds = 800 Calories
2 Bananas = 216 Calories
Total Calories = 1,016

4 Handful of Almonds = 800 Calories
2 Bananas = 216 Calories
1 Orgain Nutritional Shake = 255 Calories
Total Calories = 1,271

Easy enough?! I wanted to share items that you can easily get to and does not require any cooking at all. Some of the meals in my Breakfast Ideas Post, consist of large portions and not everyone can eat at that rate. Hope this was helpful! Until next time.. Love God. Love Yourself. Love Family.
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