The return of “What I Ate Wednesday” is here. It looks like in order to be consistent with this segment, I need to stick to twice a month. So here’s your second dose of “What I Ate Wednesday” for February 2014. I’ll have a corresponding tutorial on my Youtube channel this week so be sure you subscribe to catch that video!

This week we will enjoy a High Calorie Salad coming in over 1,000 calories. I call this little gem “Avocado Caesar Salad”. For this recipe, I wanted to make sure I catered to people who may not want to eat cheese or meat. To replace cheese I used Nutritional Yeast for the cheesy flavor. It’s very delicious and nutritious. This salad is just as filling as a meal filled with carbs and meat.
Avocado Caesar Salad

1 Stalk of Romaine Lettuce = 15 Calories
2 Avocados = 480 Calories
3 Tbsp Hemp Seeds = 170 Calories
1/2 cup Sliced Almonds = 360 Calories
2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast = 60 Calories
2 Tbsp Salad Dressing = 150 Calories
1 Slice of Naan Bread = 180 CaloriesTotal Calories = 1,415 Calories

Hope you enjoy!

Author: Makeda

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One thought on “|What I Ate Wednesday | Weight Gain Salad 1,000+ Cal

  1. I have had radiation and chemo for throat cancer which is in remission, but I now have to juice just about everything. I can not process solid food do to dry mouth and scaring in my throat, so it is pretty much all liquid, smoothies, milk shakes, etc. I have lost 120 lbs down from 250 which is good except I am now 25 to 30 lbs lighter than I need to be. I need to work on muscle recovery and cant to this without gaining back weight. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I am new to your web site and am only somewhat proficient with my home computer. I am on a retirement income which makes it hard for me to buy the higher priced healthy foods and am always looking for deals at the groceries.

    Posted on June 1, 2017 at 1:20 pm