New Color for a New Season! The time has come to change up my color once again using my Shea Moisture Hair Color System. Instead of using the shade Dark Auburn, which was my original color used in my youtube video, I decided to try the Reddish Blonde shade. I have to say, I’m so thankful that I have this very chic haircut because I have the ability to experiment and it still looks cute.

Before I colored it in Reddish Blonde

Overall I’m fairly happy with the color. I probably could have used a second dose of color to really pop the color around my entire head. The only thing I hate about the hair color is that the front is very bright and the rest of my hair isn’t as vibrant. Bummer! Even with that downside I’m still pleased with the outcome. Although I’m still going back and forth on whether to color my entire head the same color, for now I can deal with the two toned effect. I was impressed with myself on doing a pretty good job.

My hair texture still looks the same to me and I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. To prevent any excess breakage or dryness, I keep my hair well moisturized with water and a leave in conditioner on a daily basis.

This hair color journey is so addictive because I’m on edge wanting to get my hair dyed blonde immediately! But… I can calm down and wait for my hair to take a break before the next hair color process. Stay tuned to my YouTube Channel for the video of me coloring my hair.


Author: Makeda

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