For “Throwback Thursday” I figured I share with you my first post I wrote for In this particular opinion piece, I explain how the texture discrimination is something that was created within its own community. Outsiders and companies are not to blame for this discrimination. As always, we need to look within to find out who’s at fault.

Lately, there’s been quite a bit of chatter about Joulezy’s latest video “Texture Discrimination.” Here at the 4C Hair Chick Network, we wanted to chime in on this controversial, yet much needed, discussion. Personally, I have always recognized this polka dot, sprinkled with glitter, elephant in the room. I just didn’t realize other people saw this very obvious thing hanging around. Glad to know I’m not insane. In Jouelzy’s video (as well as the NaturallyFashionable video), very good points were raised on how women in the natural hair community (as well as companies) are drawn to the vloggers and bloggers with very loose curl patterns . Before we really try to analyze a community and point fingers, I wanted to look within myself first. Did I support more Type3 or 4A vloggers than 4C? Did I feel like other textures outside of 4C were more desirable than my own? Well, when I started my journey I only subscribed to women who had similar hair textures like myself because I felt it made sense. Although I did find it hard back in 2008 and 2009 to find many with 4C hair, I relied heavily on KimmayTubeAfricanExportPrettyDimples01, and BlackOnyx.

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