No expensive expresso machine. No microwave. Simple and affordable way to make your green tea latte at home. Someone requested that I share how to make this and of course I had to oblige. But before you take a look at the video demo, take a look at all the benefits of consuming matcha green tea. Some say that one cup of Matcha Green Tea is the equivalent of 10 cups of regular green tea. Check out the video below on how I make my easy matcha green tea latte.

Health Benefits

1. Strengthens the Immune System – One bowl contains a large amount of Potassium, Vitamins A & C, Iron, Protein, and Calcium. Green tea within itself carries antibiotic properties.
2. Improves Cholesterol – Studies show people who drank matcha green tea decreased the level of bad cholesterol while increasing the good amount cholesterol level.
3. Detoxifies the Body – The bright green color from matcha green tea is due to the high amounts of chlorophyll.
4. High in Antioxidants – One bowl provides several times more antioxidants than foods high in antioxidants.
5. Catechin, EGCg – That catechin that has plenty of crucial benefits is EGCg. EGCg means epigallocatechin. This antioxidant is known to have cancer fighting properties.


10 Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea


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