I’ve been playing around with Wash N Go’s All Summer Long. Here’s a recap of my coils in LIVING COLOR! LOL! Had so much fun and got so many compliments on really good wash and go days. Every wash and go ain’t perfect but you learn to appreciate the imperfection. My wash and go routines are pretty simple. Sometimes I feel like coiling my hair and sometimes I don’t. I go with the flow really. Now understand, Wash and Go’s aren’t for everyone. If you’re not into that look, this may not be for you. It’s cool!

So let’s start with my very first wash and go. It did not turn out well. At all! Check out my struggle wash and go in the below pic. Let us say a silent pray for this horrendous style. R.I.P to the 1st Wash and Go.

Now let’s move on to the wash and go styles where I became more comfortable with my own technique. I learned how to do wash and go’s from my hair salon but could never get the technique of blow drying. I preferred air dry most of the time.  I just took the lessons from the stylist and develop my own rhythm. My technique is simple. 
1. Wash and Condition.
2. Scrunch my products in my hair.
3. Coil any frizzy areas.
4. Air dry.
Favorite Products
1. Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee
2. Deva Curl Set Up and Above
That’s it. If I want to spend more time to coil, then I do that. But it’s not every single time that I have that kinda time on my hands. Check out my collage below. And you know that I’ve been testing all summer because you’ll see the hair color change. 🙂 Uhmmmm so you know I have a video coming up of multiple routines throughout the summer? Be sure to subscribe.
YAY! So happy that I got comfortable with wash and go’s. Weird thing is, after a while my coils popped by itself. I don’t always have to use a lot of products to really see my coils defined. It’s like my hair was trained to define it’s own shape. 
Update: Here’s the YouTube Video for my wash and go.

Have you tried out wash and go’s on your 4C hair? What’s your technique? Share below in the comment section.


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