So it’s about that time to go hard or go home. I’ve mentioned in my previous weight gain posts about a fitness challenge and here it is. I’ve finally come up with a name for it! It took a while for me to get it together. Welcome to #90DaysofGain…

What is #90DaysofGain??

It’s a fitness challenge that takes place during the last 90 Days of the year. What I like about starting it in October is that it takes place during Fall right before the harsh Winter hits. We all know how hard it is to really get started on transforming your body during Winter and side effects of cabin fever. So Fall is the perfect starting point. Once you establish your rhythm, continuing during the winter months should be an easy transition. If you want your ideal body during the warmer months, you have to work hard during the downtime.

My personal fitness challenge is geared towards transforming my body by building muscle and curves which will lead to solid weight gain. Not flabby weight gain. However, if you’re trying to lose weight and build muscle you can still join this challenge. The “Gain” in 90 Days of Gain can be anything from gaining a healthy lifestyle to gaining the body of your choice. Set your personal fitness goal and work towards it completely during the 90 Days.

Let’s remember, at the end of these days will be the end of the 2014. Let’s not move into 2015 without working towards our health and fitness goals.

What Are the Rules?

I encourage you to set your OWN rules. Every one is different but this is what I feel will work for me. Use my rules as examples
1. Eating Balanced Meals – I set aside days that I juice or eat only vegetables to make sure that I’m giving my body plenty of nutrients. For gainers making sure you cover macronutrients (fats, carbs, and proteins) in your meals, very important! On a daily basis I make sure I cover my macronutrients as well as adding plenty of greens.

2. No Drinking – I don’t want anything to get in the way of me reaching my full potential. This will be difficult because my birthday is in November and of course we have the holiday season near. I’ll enjoy my glass of wine on New Year’s Eve.

3. Calories – Based off of your body weight and height, stick to a set amount of calories to consume on a daily basis. Here’s a website that will help determine YOUR calorie minimum to gain or lose weight. I’m starting at 2,500 calories and will increase each month.
4. Exercise – Exercise 4 to 6 days a week. Weight lifting will be a big part of my exercise regimen. I have purchased some equipment and dvds to stick to exercising even at the house. No excuses!
5. Monthly Progress Reports – I will share my updates each month so you can see how far I am to my goal. I’ll create updates on this blog but will also post on my Instagram and YouTube.
6. Goal Weight – Set YOUR goal weight and work towards it! I’ll stick to my goal weight of 130lbs but if I’m satisfied at a smaller weight I will stop there.
7. Start and End Date – October 1, 2014 thru December 29, 2014.

How to Start?

By… Starting. If you do not have a gym then purchase some cheap equipment and start. You don’t need equipment to do crunches, pushups, and running. So start there. I got majority of my stuff from Target and the Vitamin Shoppe. I purchased a new DVD from Bodynomics so we shall see how that goes. You can always get the cheap stuff from Amazon too.

As far as meal preps, I prefer cooking every three days. That’s MY preference you don’t have to do what I do. It works for me. So I cook Sunday to last until Wednesday. Wednesday I cook for the remainder of the week. I drink my weight gain smoothie every morning. But with my intense workouts it may be more on some days.

For examples of workout circuits and meals I eat, it will all be recorded during Vlogtober. Be sure to stay tune for my vlogs.

Watch me Work!

To give you an idea on what I do and how things are going, I’m participating in “Vlogtober”. Vlogtober is for vloggers to vlog everyday in October. This will give you a better idea of how I make this happen on my busy schedule. I love this idea because it keeps me accountable for this challenge. I can’t hide by not writing a post or what not. So I’m submitting myself to this challenge and I hope you join me.


Don’t just watch me transform my body but join me. You don’t have to signup formally or pay any fees because this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Even when the 90 days are over, those healthy habits should continue into your everyday life. This is why I’m doing 90 days because I don’t want it to just be for a month and then I go back to doing whatever. We are changing our bodies AND minds.
Let me know if you’re joining me in this challenge. I’ll set up place for us to talk through the challenge. Hit me up in my email or comment section below!


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