All of my life, I have been the skinny girl in the group. Growing up in the south, it is expected for you to eventually “fill out” or “put meat on your bones.” Until a couple of years ago, I have always believed that you can’t fully come into womanhood until you gain weight. I know that this may be strange for some to read, but I am among a few women who want to purposely gain weight. Yes, I want to gain weight in a healthy way. I recently recorded a video on “Why Skinny People Want to Gain Weight?” because I truly felt it was necessary to finally address why many people are anxious to put on extra pounds. I break down the typical response from a non-skinny person we (skinny people) have to endure throughout our entire existence. Society often emphasizes how people want to lose weight. Yet people don’t really talk much about how skinny people want to gain weight. Although both exist on opposite sides of the spectrum, whether you believe it or not, the struggle is similar. Not identical, but similar. We’re all trying to find that middle ground of being fit and healthy.

Author: Makeda

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