It seems like the more people of African descent begin to love themselves, the more push back they receive from society. Why are we seeing more stories about policies against natural hair during a time when so many men and women are embracing their natural hair? Can we live?!

I’m sure by now that everyone has heard about school policies that ban “dread locs” and instances where schools have deemed a black child’s hair as “unkept hair” or “too messy” because they claim it violates the school’s hair policy.  We’re not talking about Corporate America here, folks. We’re talking about elementary, junior high, high school and universities creating anti-natural hair policies. Before the students can even enter into the real world as adults, students are already learning hard lessons about how society views them. Society does not respect their natural beauty; instead, society would prefer they take on a more Euro-centric appearance for their own comfort.

Author: Makeda

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