I wanted to write a long commentary on what’s been happening on my journey but I figured it would be easier to just split them up. No one really wants to read a long dissertation. That’s the point of creating a blog, to have a site dedicated to content for more than one post.

Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that I am now comfortably sitting at 115lbs. Some of you may be familiar with a post I uploaded on my on my facebook page when I was so close to hitting 116lbs. It’s all good, as long as I’m not losing weight I am very happy.

How have I been gaining?

1. Eating three meals a day as often as possible

2. Exercise Regularly

3. Post Workout Snack or Protein Shake (important)

4. Write in my food journal for tracking

That’s it. I haven’t been stressing the journey because life will keep your thoughts well occupied. I feel it’s probably time to just write a little more about what has happened or what I learned. Since I’m halfway to my goal I’m sure I can share some information with others that can be useful to them. To be fair, when exercising I did use a trainer for close to two months. I didn’t exercise by myself.

My Goal Weight : 130lbs (it may change)
My Starting Weight: 108lbs
My Current Weight: 115lbs

Be Sure to Watch for my Summer Update Video with New Snacks, New Gear and Such on my YouTube page! I’m packing muscles, ya’ll. LOL!

Have you been gaining weight (if you’re on a weight gain journey)? If yes or no, share in the comment section below.


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