So people still talking about thigh gaps? Is this seriously a trend and if so why? I need to know why  anyone would want a thigh gap. I guess since I’m on the journey to get “thick”, hearing about thigh gaps makes me gag. I understand wanting to lose weight and tone up but the thigh gap isn’t too appealing to me. Perhaps I’m the anomaly because it “appears” that people are working hard to get this thigh gap.

Please give me thickness everywhere!! I’m working my hardest to close any possible thigh gaps and it looks like so far it’s working out. When I hit the gym, I get on the very uncomfortable machine to work out my inner thighs.  Each time I get on it I increase the pounds to work those muscles I normally don’t use.

Skinny peeps, are you working to achieve a thigh gap? Am I alone? I hope not. And if you are trying to close that gap be sure to squat with weights and all. If you have a gym membership be sure to get on the abductor machine (see image below) which is quite unique but does the trick to close that gap as much as possible. Hooray for Anti-Thigh Gap Peeps everywhere!!

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Author: Makeda

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