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Woo hoo! It’s that time of year to try yet another new drugstore foundation. What I love about testing drugstore foundations is not spending all my money it. I had an interesting revelation when trying out this new L’Oreal Pro-Matte foundation as well as the Maybelline Poreless + Matte foundation. I’ll save that for later.

So I had to travel to different CVS locations and apparently all of them didn’t have shades darker than 108 Caramel Beige which is way too light. Reading the name, you would think it was a perfect match for brown shades. Not so. The brown shades start at 108 Caramel Biege for very fair “brown” shades, think mixed race or at the end of the medium shade spectrum. I stopped by my local Walgreen’s and saw a different group of shades. Classic Tan 109 was the darkest, which is what I decided to pick up and it passed the initial test.

The Rundown

Longwear: Beyond 8 hour work days
Shine Control: Didn’t have to blot until 9 hours later. And that was optional.
Coverage: Buildable. Medium and potential to be full. Thin layers for light coverage.
Negatives: 1. Range of shades are absolultely ridiculous. 2. The darker shades are HARD to find in store.
Overall: Great product!! To be honest, way better than Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation. Yes, I have a first impression for that foundation too. I probably will go back to Walmart to pick up the Soft Sable 111. I was able to pull off the Classic Tan 109 but I had to blend and apply darker powder in the outer areas to give even illusion.


For those of you who have not purchased Revlon Colorstay and do not plan to due to the recent controversy, pick this foundation up. However, if you fall out of the shade range for this foundation please leave a comment below. I do plan on writing to the company about this problem. I understand newly launch products usually come up with a small range of shades but I want to ensure they extend the color range. I want to be sure and not just hope for the best. I just had to run and review this product because it’s so good. Maybelline, on the other hand, I had for weeks and didn’t feel a rush to talk about it. Get my drift? It looks like Walmart is the only physical location that carries all shades as shown in my first picture. You can also find darker shades on Amazon and Target online. If you have to choose between Maybelline and this product, go with this one. It’s way better!

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