I heard this term, “Straight Natural” being thrown around while listening to my favorite podcast by Curlbox’s founder Myleik Teele.

Meh, I don’t know. I ventured out this past weekend and flat ironed my hair on my own after years so many years. To be clear, I had my hair flat ironed professionally in April, which lasted for a month, but have not flat ironed my hair in years on my own. So far I like it but to be honest, I’m starting to get kinda antsy with my hair. It didn’t turn out like how my stylist did it last month.

I don’t know if I want to go through the process of straightening every month. But it is nice, but I miss my hair standing up or forming a funky shape with my haircut. Not sure I can claim this life of heat styling on a consistent basis. Now that the humidity is starting to rise in my area, my hair is doing whatever it wants to do. And I’m not mad at her. Ha ha!

So what’s next? Maybe one more time getting my hair professionally flat ironed and trimmed, but I think I’m ready for some protective styling. Surprisingly my hair lasted pretty long while working out. The only reason it started to frizz out was because I got lazy with my nighttime routine. If I would have stayed consistent with wrapping or curling my hair with flexi-rods, my hair could have stretched a lot longer.

Yea I’m definitely not a devout straight naturalista. But I do enjoy exploring the fullness of the natural hair life. I understand some naturalistas prefer to stay within their boxes and routines, but for me that becomes very boring after a while. To each its own and I’ll move on.

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Author: Makeda

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