Social media can either inspire you or make you moredepressed than before you created a profile. A gift and curse, indeed. Not too long ago, I wrote about Fitness Hacks” to help people stay motivated on their fitness journey. What most people don’t tell you is that sometimes you can hit a wall on that journey. A mental wall. Sometimes you can become your own worst enemy with comparing yourself to someone else on their fitness journey. You compare numbers, physical improvement and wonder what you are doing wrong? It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will. The person who you once found inspiring is now causing you to hate your body. You now loathe the once inspiring profile you decided to follow.  But wait, why did it change?!

Gift and Curse
Social media can either help you or harm. But if you end up on the negative side of any platform, it’s hard to climb out of the rabbit hole.  Use caution! I found myself becoming inspired by many others but once I didn’t hit my goals fast enough, it just made me feel bad.  I became way too focused on how fast or slow someone else was moving towards their fitness goals. It can become addictive, huh? While I’m low-key stalking other people’s goals, I was making NO movements for myself.  NONE. All I did was say, “Man eff it.” But deep down I still wanted to hit my goals. Not for anyone else, just myself.
Do you Boo!
In the words of my fav YouTuber ShamelessMaya, “Do you boo!” No one can be as great as you. Do you at all times. If looking at progress photos of other people online causes you to feel bad about yourself, take a break. Sometimes it’s best to just step away from social media for a while to get “you” together. It may take a different approach for YOU to hit YOUR goals. Not everyone is the same. And don’t bother with excuses; work with what you have to get to the destination. Every-BODY ain’t the same BODY.
Social Media Break
Haven’t you wondered why I was away for so long? I needed a break and I’m slowing getting back in the habit of posting content on my blog and social media accounts. As much as I would love to run and post everything all at once, I’m not ready for that. I don’t want to end up going back and forth because I can’t seem to get my life together offline. So slow and steady. But it’s working for me. Taking a break allowed me to make some serious gains and have more things to share with you.  You don’t have to go cold turkey like I did, but it could be useful to create certain habits to keep you sane. Hmmm, maybe I should write a blog post about Social Media Detox?
Each time you compare yourself to someone else, you commit suicide to your spirit. Somebody said something like that on Oprah or some show, and from time to time I have to remind myself of that. I also learned to really appreciate the progress I have already made. With ANY fitness journey, you will have setbacks. To continue to live a new lifestyle takes time and consistency for it to become apart of your new life. So start slow, and STOP comparing yourself. Why murder your spirit like that?

How do you manage social media and self-comparison??


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