For those of you that are still on your weight gain journey, how are things going? Share in the comment section. Anyway, I figured since this year has been really good for me reaching my goals, I would share with you some natural foods that you can eat to help you put on some pounds.

Sidenote: Yes Yes Yes, I am working on the video for recipes.
Majority of the recipes in that video aren’t 100% clean. Meaning, I do use some processed foods along with the “live” foods. Get it?
Anywho, check out my quick list of fruits and vegetables to help get you started or continue to gain weight.

 1. Avocados– I love avocados and I find different ways to incorporate them in my recipes because it’s so high in healthy fats and calories. Not to mention is pretty alkalizing and is high in Vitamin B.





            Calories: 322 = 1 avocado

 2. Dates – Another favorite and I honestly feel like these babies helped with my 2015 weight gain the most. Not only are these sweet pieces of fruit filled with fiber and calories, but can contribute to muscle build too! I include them in my muffins to give them a maple syrup taste in a natural way. Dates are high in minerals and be beneficial for those who suffer from anemia.
            Calories: 66 = 1 Medjool Date

3. Mangos – This tropical fruit tastes like a rainbow in your mouth. Oh how I love the taste of mangos! I pay the ridiculous price at Whole Foods just to satisfy my sweet tooth.  The good thing about Mangos is it’s packed with Vitamin C and A. Great for eye health!
            Calories: 201 = 1 Mango w/o refuse

4. Pears – Not a favorite but useful to add to the list. This fruit can help add some calories to your diet in a healthy way.
            Calories: 102 = 1 Medium Pear

5. Bananas – This fruit has been useful not only for weight gain but for painful menstrual cramps and depression. There’s magic in them bananas.  Filled with potassium and B Vitamins.
            Calories: 105 = 1 Medium Banana
6. Potatoes – Ohhhhh the creative ways to prepare potatoes for consumption is plentiful. I got recipes for you all on this starchy vegetable. Definitely add this to your grocery list. Potatoes are also high in potassium and Vitamin C too.
            Calories: 163 = 1 Medium Potato (varies for each type)


Hope you found the list helpful. I found most of the items in this list (not all) helpful for my weight gain this year. Most of these are staples on my grocery list to help keep the weight on me. Let me know what some of your weight gain favorites are in the comment section below!







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