Woo hoo! Shea Moisture has a new professional line of products (along with the price) that are three separate collections. I first heard about this on the blog Beyond Black and White, where the writer talks about her experience with the Smooth Finish line. Check out her post here!
After reading her post, I was interested in trying this line out for myself. I have been experimenting with straight hairstyles lately (I’ll write about it later), and would love to add Shea Moisture to my stash. But hunny, these products are NOT cheap. They’re more than the Mizani products I purchased. To be fair though, you do receive double the size of the traditional Shea Moisture products for double the price. So it makes sense, and actually turns out cheaper if you consider the amount of product you receive for the price. Products are $19.99 each for 16.0 oz of product.  So let’s go over the deets below.
Shea Moisture Professional was inspired by … professional stylists. In this line right now they have three collections.

Color Care Collection– This line specializes in those who have hair color and it includes baotein oils complex to help balance porosity, provide anti-fade protection and repair damage to hair. We all know that sometimes with coloring hair, your porosity level change due to the process. I wouldn’t mind testing a product or two out of this collection. There is a Shine Glaze included color care collection that I will probably try out. I also would like to research a little more on what baotein is and its benefits. Never been the type to just believe whatever is written on products. 
Curl Care Collection – This line specializes in the curly heads with cocoshea biolipid complex, basically coco and shea butter mix, to help define curls, fight frizz, and reduce shrinkage. In this line you have your expected co-wash product, leave-in condition, clarifying shampoo and a moisture infused shampoo. I think a lot of afro naturals will enjoy this line! But of course, I’m curious to see if there’s a major difference when comparing what I can purchase at the drugstore or Target and this line. It sounds slightly redundant with this collection but hey, we shall see.
Keratin Care Collection – On the Sally’s Beauty site, it’s called Keratin Care but the actual product label says “Smooth Finish” so not sure here. But we’ll just say Smooth Finish. This collection specializes in straight hair styling with heat. I want to try this entire collection except the blow out cream. I’m not a big fan of blow drying my hair, and I’m specifically referring to high heat blow dry not the wash and go blow dry. There’s a difference. Anyway, they have the smooth finish shampoo, conditioner, thermal protection, and blow out cream. I’ll have to get my money together and check this out for myself.
That’s it. As of now, you can only purchase these products at your local Sally Beauty retail store or on their website. Share in the comments below which collection you are interested in trying out?

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