For the past month and some change, I have been wearing my hair straight.  It has been very … interesting. It’s been two years since I attempted to straighten my hair and I lost my touch. Back in the day day, I used to press my own hair. Lately I had to learn how to straighten my hair again because I just had no clue. Well, while on vacation I had my hair straighten for the first time. It was ok. My experience was long and I knew I needed my ends trimmed. Desperately. For whatever reason the stylist didn’t want to trim my ends, so I made reservation as soon as I got back home.

Day of Appointment

Nervous? Yep.  I wasn’t sure how much heat would be used on my hair and I how much she would need to cut off. Listen, when my last stylist went up in prices I had to bail. I’m sorry. It was already overpriced and I just couldn’t see myself paying MORE for basic cuts and trims. There were no styling involved. This resulted in months of going without a trim. No bueno! I needed to keep up with my trims because my hair is colored, so it was necessary.
Anyway, the process was pretty straightforward. I had my hair washed and deep conditioned under a steamer. She blew dry my hair once and then sat my under the dryer for the rest of my hair to dry. Afterwards the stylist came back to blow dry one more time before flat ironing. Now I paid attention to everything and asked what products were being used because I noticed throughout the process my hair feeling uber soft and light. It was bone straight without her having to pass thorough my hair no more than twice. In some areas, only ONE pass-through. Baby, I was taking notes! I’m hoping to recreate the same results with a slightly different method. Not as much heat but the same products. We’ll see.


I knew people would react a certain way about the straight look. I’ve had my share of critics within my family about my natural hair. Now that my hair is cut short, I receive even more commentary. Lol! So here are just a few reactions from family, friends, co-workers, and strangers.
“Hello, beautiful.”
“OH my goodness! You’re hair looks BEAUTIFUL!”
“You’re so gorgeous!”
“Damn, Ma!”
“Oh I love your new look.”
“Love the hair. What made you change it?”
“Oh I love it!”
“Aww look at you!”
“Love the hair.”
“Oh you look so different!!”
Needless to say, everyone loved my hair. To be honest, I loved it too. I was impressed on how this stylist was able to flat iron my hair and made it look like I had a fresh relaxer.

What the hell does that mean?

Can’t help but wonder, “Well damn what did y’all think of my hair before?” Hey, I’m human and a woman so it’s expected to wonder what some people thought of my hair before. I always knew what some of my family members thought and of course with my hair straight; I was able to prove how uncomfortable kinky hair actually makes them uncomfortable.
The straight hair is only a phase. I’m already anxious to move on to the next style. Before moving on I want to try my hand at flat ironing my hair on my own. #PrayforMe


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