Do you remember your favorite YouTube vloggers from back in the day Circa 2006 -2012? I do. Specifically when it comes to natural hair vloggers. I remember going natural in 2008 and being obsessed with finding new vloggers to watch. Since May is Natural Hair Meet up Day and this year is the 10th anniversary for YouTube, I thought it would be fun to stroll down natural hair memory lane each week. To keep up with the #Throwback series, we’re going to keep these posts on Thursdays for the #ThrowbackThursdays. Woot Woot! Clever, ain’t it?

For those of you who have been watching Natural Hair videos since the “old school” days, let me know if your old school vlogger was on the list. There was a couple where I couldn’t find their channels. 🙁 Here’s the first part of the vlogger list. To keep these posts short and sweet I’ll break them up into bite sized pieces for ya. Included in the recaps are one of my favorite tutorials or talking videos for each vlogger.

  • RusticBeauty – 4C Hair Guru with Long Hair. She introduced me to how to trim my hair, proper detangling and protein treatments. I loved how she used to ramble. 

  • PrettyDimples01– She had 4B/4C hair, but she was really good at simplified styling. Not all the times but most of the time. I learned how to do different roller set styles with her and protein treatments. I still use Aphogee because of her. 

  • KinkyKurlyQueen– 4B Vlogger. She taught me about mini twists, braids, and introduced me to clay treatments. I also love the speacial apperances from her adorable niece. Sooooo cute!

  •     Kimmaytube– She was a personal favorite because she had 4B/4C hair and I loved her overall style. I discovered Kim through RusticBeauty’s channel simply by her liking a video. I saw a few videos and was hooked. It was because of her photoshoot video that I hired the same photographer who took the photo of me with the big afro (my profile pic). J I learned a lot from her such as the science behind hair and protective styling. I loved how she was transparent and when she realized her previous teachings were incorrect, she admitted it. 






  •     Taren Guy – Clearly I do NOT have her hair texture. Not even close. But this vlogger with 3C hair inspired me to color my hair. I also enjoyed her talking motivation videos. 

So there you have it! The first part of my #ThrowbackThursday series (posted on a Friday). And to be honest, I’m glad that I did pretty well with my schedule this week. Don’t be surprised if I drop another post this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Be sure you share down below some of your favorite vloggers between 2008-2012!


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