Oh you didn’t think I was going to forget Part two of my vlogger list now, did you? Oh no! We’re going to keep this going for the rest of the month! As I mentioned in my initial post, I’m paying tribute to the ladies that I started the beginning of my natural hair journey.  I’m creating this series because so many new natural hair youtubers and instagramers pop up everyday, but we quickly forget who was there for you when you started. If you haven’t seen the initial list, be sure to check it out here.

1. BlackOnyx – I remember running across one of her videos back in 2010. This video was so funny to me because it was that “real talk” kind of vibe. She run down a list of products she used and found weren’t useful for hair growth. I still like watching it from time to time, just for nostalgia’s sake.

2. BlakIzBeautyful – Jenell B. Stewart! I just <3 her. I don’t know, she just has such a sweet spirit. Even for videos I’m not even interested in, I watch it anyway. I didn’t discover her until 2011-2012ish. I say that because I remember seeing her video but not actually subscribing until later. Weird. I love her hair videos and when she started doing makeup videos, I enjoyed that even more. She also inspired me to get my tapered cut.

3. AfricanExport – The real OG of the natural hair vlogger community. In my eyes. Can’t really talk about the old school natural hair community without mentioning AfricanExport. I loved her hair videos, makeup videos, and series “Debate & Discussion”. So sad that she no longer uploads as much. But no worries, we have 986 videos to fill the void.

4. BeautifulBrwnBabyDol – I’m still trying to remember how I found this youtuber. She has fitness videos I watch, motivational, and natural hair. Either way she still makes videos and I’m still tuned in each time. Here’s a favorite.

5. CharyJay – Formerly known as “160Days2Lose2” on YouTube. Chary Jay would always have these complicated styles that I could not do. However, I enjoyed her review videos. She was the reason I finally purchased a Denman brush back in 2011.

6. Naptural85 – I wasn’t too big on Naptural85 channel until recently because I LOVE her vlogs. Her hair texture and density didn’t mimic what I had so I passed. HOWEVER, I had some natural friends send me some of her DIY videos like the Flaxseed Gel. That’s what got me hooked and plus flaxseed gel was like a “thing” back in the day.

7. Mstanish1 – I’m adding this vlogger just because she’s been around for so long but I didn’t really know about her until a couple years ago. She’s very chill in her videos. She doesn’t make videos like she used to but hey she has plenty for you to view.

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