Remember my “Welcome Back” post and I mentioned how I was gaining weight? Well here’s one of the follow up posts. So I’m sure most of you who are not following me on Facebook have no clue of where I am on my weight gain journey. I posted a pic back in March of the progress I made the first three months of the year. The progress was so fast it scared me. Yes … I got scared!

Progress Pic from Facebook
I went from 116lbs to 126lbs by eating THREE consistent meals a day and working out almost everyday. I told y’all I was going to do this #90DaysofGains again. February was a slow month because I just wasn’t feeling it too much. But March, was pretty impressive. I made up for February by exercising 6 times a week at least. Then April came around and I kept moving forward until my vacation arrived. Even on my vacation I found time to workout because I was scared to lose weight.  I really slowed down when the family and friends reacted to my weight gain.
Reactions from Weight Gain

“Slow down. Don’t get too fat now!”
“Maybe a few more pounds but that’s it. No more!”
“Omg! You got a butt! Your body! OMG!”
“No seriously, how did you get a butt that fast? It was like Overnight.”
I laughed at all of the reactions, really. I had to. But then I started to really wonder if I wanted to go all the way to 130lbs? Right now, I’m 126lbs. If I start taking my protein shakes again by the end of month I may be at 130lbs. But do I want to go that far? If you remember in my 90 Days of Fitness post, I mentioned a new goal of 135lbs.  But now that I’m looking at myself, I’m not sure. I really need to work on my abs and sculpting my body a little more before going to 135lbs or 130lbs. I noticed that a lot of fat went to my belly because I stopped doing abs exercises and focused too much on my lower body. SMH.
Picture from May 19, 2015
Well, for now I think 130lbs will be good enough. To be honest, I’m just happy to finally be at a healthy weight instead of being underweight. Thank goodness! I was dangerously underweight this time last year.  I was between 108lbs and 110lbs, yikes. 
I’m glad that I’m thinking about how I want to reach my final 4lbs before actually moving forward. What’s the point in getting to your goal weight and look at hot mess? No ma’am or sir.
I recently went to my personal trainer for a check up and the first thing she noticed was the fat in my gut area. LOL! It’s funny to see the first thing people notice. They either notice the butt or the stomach bulge. But let’s be real, having a stomach bulge ain’t cute… at all!
I have a few pounds to gain but I’m gaining with caution. I refuse to allow the final pounds to go straight to my belly. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that’s always been a concern of mine.
Will I continue blogging about weight gain after hitting my goal?
Yes, of course. Although I’ve been maintaining my weight this past month, I had to change certain things in my lifestyle just to keep the darn weight on. So yes, I will continue to provide tips on weight gain but will speak more on fitness and health overall. I continue to preach to people, fitness and health is just as important if not more than gaining quick weight.
To be honest, fitness and health is what helped me keep SOLID weight on my body. Not just calories, chile. It’s a whole picture, not partial.
Be sure you check out my Facebook page and other social media accounts for some pics and quick videos on recipes and exercises. I plan to post videos on my other accounts outside of YouTube. Gotta spice things up a bit!

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