Disclaimer: These are things that helped me on my fitness journey, what a nutritionist shared with me, and what I researched. Please seek the advice of a professional before starting any new regimen.

Skinny people have a fast metabolism and usually struggle with having the appetite to eat. I struggle with this every now and then, not often. I had to train my body to eat at certain times. You can’t train your body by skipping and avoiding meals.

I’ve been getting questions about how to gain with fast metabolism and this post is geared towards those questions. Most naturally skinny people have fast metabolism, so you’re not alone.

Let’s first correct the theory that we want to slow down our metabolism. No, you don’t want to do that. I actually mentioned this in this video before. In the past, I would say I want to slow down my metabolism and my nutritionist corrected me. What you want to do is keep up with it by giving it the foods it need to function. My metabolism is still pretty fast and I can still lose weight fairly easy. In order to keep the weight on I have to work out and eat three meals a day. I didn’t slow down my metabolism to achieve weight gain.

Tips and Tricks

1.     Weight Lifting/ Exercising – There’s no way around this people. Sorry! You can try and avoid this all you want and you will end up losing all the weight you gained. It wasn’t until I started working out that I started to KEEP the weight I gained. Also, exercising helps to ignite your appetite. How do you think I found the energy to eat? Sitting around does NOT create an appetite for you to gain weight! Get up and start moving! If you do cardio, stay within the 10-15 minute range. Cardio is important for the health of your heart, PLEASE DO NOT AVOID THIS!

  •   My routine: 10 minute cardio and 40 minutes of lifting. I recommend working out at              LEAST three times a week.

2.     Multi-Vitamins– This is also important. Some doctors claim that vitamins can help stimulate your appetite. This may be true but I found that the combination of multi-vitamins and a good workout contribute to my nearly 20lbs (to date) of weight gain. I mentioned it in my video (click here on ) and still use this to date. Also lack of nutrients can cause you to lack energy which means no appetite or too tired to eat.

3.     Post Workout – Post workout is by far the most important to building that solid weight of muscle mass on you.  I never knew that until my trainer told me. I couldn’t figure out why I was working out and barely seeing the growth. You HAVE to feed yourself via protein shakes or protein rich foods within 20 minutes after workout. That’s important!! I used Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gain Protein Powder for my Post workout. I also would use protein bars to hold me over until I got near REAL food or protein shakes.

  • Quick tip: Carry the protein powder with you and the liquid in a shaker bottle. Mix and drink immediately after workout.
4.     48 hour REST and Recovery – Hardly anyone tell you that it is NECESSARY for your muscles to rest in between sessions. For example: If you work on your glute muscles Monday, don’t work on the glute muscles on Tuesday too!! Rest Tuesday and maybe even Wednesday, then work on glutes on Thursday. There’s a misconception that if you continue to work on the same set of muscles day after day, that you will see great gains. Not true! You may achieve gains but you can achieve GREATER gains by allowing the muscles to rest. I made this mistake too until another trainer said, “You’re muscles need time to rest in between sessions. That’s how muscles grow.” I’m not perfect but I try and keep this in mind when scheduling my workouts.

  •  Quick tip: Go hard on isolated muscles every three days. For major gains, stir clear of the 30 day challenges. More gains happen during rest.
5.     Smart High Calorie Meals – I say smart high calories meals because you want a well-balanced meal that also covers your macros (protein, fats, and carbs). Just eating high calorie meals without covering the important factors for a healthy body ready for muscle gain is pointless. And you’ll find yourself going back and forth with trying to gain weight, then losing all that weight again. Stop the cycle and be strategic about what you’re consuming. Don’t just consume a whole bunch of junk or empty calories.

  •  Quick tip: When planning meals, think about how to maximize your calories within your three meals each day.
6.     Snacks in Between Meals – In the beginning stages of your weight gain, snacking is really important. Remember, you’re trying to train your body to get used to consuming a lot of foods and calories. Snacking helps. If you’re curious about what healthy foods to snack on, check out my blog post about Snacks for Weight Gain.

  •  Quick tip: Make sure to purchase snacks that you like and keep them handy! There’s always time to fit in 500 calorie snacks throughout the day.






That’s it folks! These 6 things have been very helpful to my weight gain and it took a lot trial and error to figure out what works. If you look at my 3 month progress pics I’ve posted practically everywhere, but specifically here, you’ll see the noticeable growth. I need to get back to my intense workout regimen to continue customizing my body. And remember, you’ll gain the weight if you stick with it!

What other struggles do you face trying to gain weight? Share in the comment section below.
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