By now, I’m hoping that you have read my series on my hair braiding debacle. You can check my post here and here. As promised, I did come up with solutions to avoid the experience I had with braiding shops. Y’all know I can’t complain and NOT give solutions, not my style. Looking back on this list, I feel like I may have left off a few more tips.

1. Speak Up– If the stylist is hurting you or if you have questions, stop her and speak. Recently when I got my hair braiding over again, the owner said if she hurts you please say something. Hair braiding can be uncomfortable but you shouldn’t be in tears.

2. Wait for Re-braiding – If you have sensitive scalp and you plan to get the braids done over again, wait one to two weeks before next set of braids. I had an owner tell me that which is something I never heard before but it makes sense. You wil only irritate your scalp if you remove braids and get them done over the next day.

3. DIY – If you’re just concerned about what could happen and perhaps are low on cash, you can always find tutorials to do it yourself. This was originally my option but I didn’t feel like doing it myself.

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