This challenge was really reserved for myself, just like my previous challenges I’ve been discussing on my blog or social media. But now that I’m back in the swing of things, I figured it would be good to include everyone else. I’m very careful about that because y’all remember how I failed at my first challenge? LOL!

Based off of the inbox messages, comments, and emails it’s safe to say that everyone is getting themselves ready to gain this weight or up their fitness game. Right? Well good because I had a major setback that I had to fix, and we can ALL get back on track together. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it’s ok. Since this was just discussed today, some of you may read this the day after it starts. It’s ok!

The name of it is “31 Days of Summer Challenge”. I say 31 days because there are 31 days this month. If you started after July 1st, then just make sure it’s a full 31 days. It’s a lot easier to stick with 31 days versus 90 days, right? I hope that you do continue to go hard the full 90 days. For now, we’ll focus on 31 days. Let’s get straight to the how’s and what’s…


1. Set Goals – This can be weight goals and strength goals. For example, ” I want to gain 6 pounds. I also want to be able to do 5 straight regular pushups. No wine or any alcoholic beverage for the month of July.”

2. Exercise 31 Days Straight – This means on your “rest” days you are still active. This could be your time to get in some cardio and/or circuit training. I like to do cardio for 10 minutes and ab workouts.

3. Post Pictures on IG/Facebook/Snapchat – Post your picture of you working out or right after you workout on IG, Facebook, and/or Snapchat. Even if you don’t actually post it everyday, be sure you share the pictures of each day. Sometimes I create collages or slideshows for the week to save time. I know people got things to do. Haha! TAG me so that I know you are doing it. This is helpful to see your progress, keep you accountable, and inspire others.

4. Incentives – I want to give a prize but I’m not sure if anyone will join. LOL! As of now, it’s just me and my IG buddy. LOL! If people join I’ll give a prize.

Clearly me and another are actually trying to gain weight but if you want to join and you’re not trying to gain, feel free! This should be fun. And yes, I’m very aware that 4th of July is this weekend. But 4th of July don’t have nothing to do with my health and fitness. I plan to still enjoy myself. Bloop!

Share in the comments if y’all want to join. I know some of my readers not too sure if they want to join because of October. LOL! I understand, it’s cool. But my IG has receipts. 😉

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