I’m officially over tapered haircuts on natural hair! Let me back up and say, I’m over it on ME. Now that my tapered hair divas are no longer offended, let me proceed. I got my first natural hair cut back in 2013, and the stylist gave me the tapered cut. If you missed out on it, check out my YouTube video of it here. I was initially not too thrilled about the style, that’s how I roll with a new look. I’m shocked at first and then I end up loving it a week later. It was a drastic change that I desperately needed. My natural hair was boring the heck out of me and I was over the same old twist out and roll and tuck styles. So I chopped it off and fell in love with my hair all over again.

Back in 2013, there weren’t a lot of pictures of people circulating with tapered cuts with 4C Hair. Argghhh! So you can imagine my worry when it was time for me to sit in the stylist chair. It’s been two years with a cut that got shorter and hair color that got brighter. Now I’m into Protective Styles. Let’s talk more about tapered cuts in another post, I won’t forget this time either. LOL!

This year in May I got my first installment of box braids which I wrote about here. I still owe the finale, huh? Learning from that experience I went to another salon to get a second installment of braids and decided to just grow out the cut. I experimented with cut designs and all this summer and had a blast.

Recently I surfed the web and Yelp reviews looking for a salon that would provide crochet braid services that were reasonable. My eyes were set on N Natural Hair Studio. Clearly they focus on the health of natural hair so I was quick to make an appointment. The good thing about this salon is that it the set up is so …. ME. The salon is small yet artsy and relaxing. See, that’s me. I had a lot of energy that day so thankfully my stylist and everyone there were ok with my many questions and comments.

Now let me be real, my initial reaction was not too thrilled. I actually shared the ENTIRE experience on Periscope (skinnygotcurves). Are you following me there, girl? As you see in the videos listed below, it was a shock. Just like the tapered cut was a shock. But if you listen to me speak about it in my scopes a week after you see how I start to LOVE it. Still do. I said I will keep it for a month, but I may stretch it to 6 weeks.


Crochet Braids Periscope Videos

Deep Conditioning at the Salon Video Here
The Hair She Used for my Crochet Braids Video Here
Braid Pattern for my Crochet Braids Video Here
First Fluff of Crochet Braids Video Here
Reaction of Crochet Braids Here

Check-in Periscope Videos

Day 3 Crochet Braids Check-In Video Here
Day 11 Crochet Braids Check-In Video Here

This salon is also the host for the Naturalista Hair Show which I AM attending. Woo hoo! I will capture pictures, video and live streaming videos from this event. There will be HANDS On Classes for Natural Hair Styles, Blogger Panel, Panel with Men talking Natural Hair, workshops for locs and protective styles and even holistic health. You DO NOT want to miss this! If you’re in the DC  Metro Area be sure you come through this weekend for an awesome time! If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, head over to the page here.

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