This year has definitely been a year of protective styles. I started out with box braids back to back right after I experimented with flat ironed hair. The past couple of years I have really taken my natural hair journey to another level that’s actually exciting. I had to move beyond the same old twist outs and protective buns; the same old same old can get BORING.

This Fall Season, I decided to take a break from box braids (it was hard to let go) and move on to Crochet Braids. Woo hoo! If you’re tuned into natural hair on social media, then you are aware of the rave for this realistic protective style. I’m all about a realistic weave and protective style right now. In addition to protective styles for 2015, I have definitely fallen into the trap of being a very “Chill” and maybe “Lazy” Naturalista. No Shame! Honey I have been natural since 2008, I’ve done this long enough and right now I’m in the low maintenance mode.


I recently made an appointment with N Natural Hair Studio, to get my braids installed professionally. I documented too if you’re interested in seeing the process. It makes such a difference to get your hair professionally done. This is my first install of crochet braids and I wanted a professional to teach me. I’m sure most of you are thinking, “You could have saved your money and did it yourself.” This is true. But I saved myself hours of trial and error with a possible fail to have someone do it for me. The crochet braids took about 2.5 hours from start to finish. When I say start, I’m talking wash and condition start.


My initial reaction was a shock and concern for the style and my face shape. HOWEVER, I’m noticing that each day it takes shape into something that I actually like. We’ll see what it looks like at the end of the month or even next week.

As for the salon, it’s located in Silver Spring, MD. The salon is also hosting a pretty cool event I’m attending called The Naturalista Hair Show. I missed it last year and regretted it. You DO NOT want to miss this event if you’re a natural hair chica. There will be different speakers such as @NapturalNicole and our favorite holistic blogger @HeyFranHey . As expected, please be prepared for a wide range of vendors and natural hair product companies to be in the building. Save them coins to spend responsibly. *wink wink*

Expect to get the “low down” right here and on my social media accounts for this event. Also, stay tuned to my social media for a giveaway to a lucky person.

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