Last week, I had the pleasure of making a (last minute) trip to Memphis, TN. It was seriously last minute but so well worth the stress. If you already follow me on Snapchat (skinnygotcurves), you witnessed my entire trip with me.  I shared some of my experience on Periscope (skinnygotcurves) too. My family wanted to visit the National Civil Rights Museum along with other sights in Memphis. I was interested in seeing the museum along with getting a taste of Memphis food.


Once I arrived in the city of Memphis I knew I was no longer in DC. The airport was pretty calm in the middle of a work day. Who knew other cities had calm International Airports?! I stayed with my parents in the downtown hotel called Madison Hotel. This is definitely a hotel with personality and style. The hotel’s style is infused with music, chic and comfort. I highly recommend you all check out this hotel. I was able to capture a few shots before leaving.
madison-hotel1-pic madison-hotel-pic2

National CiVIL Rights Museum

Top of the list, National Civil Rights Museum! If you enjoy history, museums, black history, then you WILL enjoy this spot. Even in this moment, I’m beaming with joy and digesting the information I learned. The museum is located at the historic Lorraine Hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King was shot. This… Place… is … AMAZING! From start to finish you are met with education and emotion. There’s no way to escape. You literally walk back into time during the Civil Rights era.
musuem-pic1 civil-rights-museum-photo1
The museum is laid out well and includes video, pictures, touch screens, actual remains from destroyed property and so much more. You are in the Civil Rights era, indeed. The moment that truly tugs at your heart string is viewing the room of Dr. Martin Luther King. They preserved the details of everything left the day before his assassination. The food, cigarettes in ash tray, and milk for the tea are all preserved for viewing.
musuem-pic2 king-room-pic1
Right at the end of our museum trip, my parents informed me that the legendary hotel was owned by a black couple (Walter and Loree Bailey). Loree was so consumed with grief and shock that she had a stroke hours after Dr. King’s assassination and died five days later. Can you imagine being so consumed with grief that you die? It happens. My parents also shared stories of what happened the day they found out Dr. King died. I’ll never forget this trip or this experience.

BB King’s

Later on after our museum trip, my father and I decided to head over to Beale street to visit BB King’s. This street was jumping! If you follow me on Periscope (skinnygotcurves), you saw some scopes I shared of the live band playing.  See them here and here. They were pretty good.
Writing this post just made me full with gladness that I sacrificed a blogging conference to spend time with my family. It’s not always guaranteed that this moment will occur again. I’m truly grateful.

What museums have you checked out lately? Have you taken time out for family and friends?

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