I’m sure by now if you follow me on social media you saw a flow of pictures and posters related to the Naturalista Hair Show. Although it was one day only, it was definitely an event to remember. While in attendance I caught a few classes and a panel for bloggers. To be honest, the whole vibe was just on point. The vendors, the finger food, the people, the location and the information were all just right.


Blogger Panel

It was great to see a panel of bloggers that are admired around the interwebs. My personal favorites are NapturalNicole and HeyFranHey. The shared plenty of knowledge on how to get started in blogging and how they monetize. We all know NapturalNicole is the “Monetize Thyself” queen, so it was good to hear her share more information with the audience on how to make money from blogging. You can see a brief livestream video of it here.

Holistic Living Lecture

This was my personal favorite right here. Led by HeyFranHey discussing how to live a holistic life and sharing her favorite ingredients. The entire lecture can be seen here, beware it is an hour long but a wealth of information. Listening to her made me realized I needed to revisit some habits I onced practiced and ingredients I need to start using again. She also introduced me to some new things that I definitely need to try out like Maca Root and drinking apple cider vinegar. I’ve heard the rumors on Maca Root and enhancement of the “curves”, but I’m curious to see how it works. I also heard Maca Root can be helpful for menstrual cramps too. I pretty much have a formula for curves and cramps but I’m always open to try new things.

Protective Styling Lecture

Led by Zarah Charm, a Maryland based stylist. This was an informative course on protective styling do’s and don’t. She also passed Marley Hair around to the audience to let them feel the difference between two brands. She also shared how important it is to pre-treat kanekalon hair before applying as a protective style. The first layer on the hair is what causes the insane amount of itching to the scalp because most of us are allergic to the preservatives. Towards the end of the lecture she started talking about how she has to constantly encourage little black girls and build their self esteem because their hair isn’t seen as beautiful. Zarah broke down how we constantly hold up the standard of straight hair and then wonder why we look down on our own hair. She mentioned that, that is the reason little girls grow up feeling some kind of way about their hair in addition to see female family members with long brazilian hair constantly. When I say she was breaking it down, she was definitely breaking it all the way down. I’m glad I stayed to hear this lecture.
That’s it. I walked away from this hair show meeting new people, useful information, and good vibes. I encourage you to add this event to your calendar in 2016. I can only imagine how awesome this event will be next year.
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