As I celebrate Thanksgiving and reflect on what I’ve done this year, I started thinking about how I reached major milestones in my fitness journey and gaining weight. Although I didn’t hit 130lbs, I hit 126 – 127lbs and with major curves. At this point in my journey, I know how to control the weight. If I “want” to gain extra weight I know the exact formula for my body to get the exact body that I desire. FINALLY! And because of that, I don’t think too much about my weight anymore.

After thinking about how far I’ve come, I started to think about this blog. I’ve been super health conscious about the foods I eat and interested in incorporating more real foods in my cooking. That’s one of the main reasons, I wanted to shift focus in the blog away from Weight Gain. I love to cook and I love health topics. BUT, I do believe I still have so much to share with everyone.

Moving Forward

As I prepare for my return to YouTube, yes it’s sooner than you think, I also think about the direction on that platform. So it’s clear that weight gain can be achieved, and I’ve done it. Although at this point, I worked hard enough in building muscle that gain pounds isn’t as difficult as the beginning of the year. Instead of moving away from sharing my Weight Gain tips and tricks, I’ll share more information. That means more in depth tips, recipes and exercises that I use to achieve certain bod enhancements. HOWEVER, I will ALSO share my health tips and general recipes for cooking. Natural Hair content will still be created. BUT, this means I will move away from beauty (makeup) topics. I still enjoy makeup but I feel I can serve most of my readers by covering cooking recipes, health, and fitness from the perspective of gaining weight. You may see some lifestyle posts here and there of different events I travel too but that’s bonus content for you. Lifestyle posts will possibly be shared primarily on YouTube. Still deciding.

What’s Next?

I know many of you were waiting and waiting on the 1,000 calories lunch ideas. As I mentioned to some of you that reached out on social media, it’s been recorded but those recipes do not reflect how I eat right now. So be patient with me on that one. I can give 1,000 calorie recipes in SEPARATE videos this year. That way, you don’t have to wait forever to see a recipe, because it takes so long to combine them all. Just be patient!! Let me get back into the swing of providing content for you. Starting next week, you’ll receive some content on a weekly basis.

It’s time to get Skinny Got Curves back into it’s “groove”. I’m excited to hear more stories about how I’ve helped others. In the spirit of Thanksgiving here in the US, let me say how grateful I am for the readers that’s been here since the beginning and the new readers just getting to know me. Welcome back!

Now, #TurnUp heeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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