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As 2015 comes to a close, I realized just how much I’ve learned this year in health and gains. I reached my highest weight ever and learned just how easy weight gain can be in theory. In the same breathe I learned how difficult it is to gain due to your mindset. Whew! What a year?!


Since I’ve been missing in action a lot this year but shared pictures of progress, I figured it would be fair to share what I learned this year.

  1. Calories aren’t everything – Man, listen when I tell you this was eye opening, this was truly eye opening. In theory calories matter, yes. HOWEVER, it means nothing if you neglect your macros, sweetheart. It’s pointless to consume calorie heavy foods post-workout with NO MACROS. Also, depending on the foods you may be eating calorie heavy foods that leads to bloating (not cute) and poor health (no bueno). Be mindful of your calories and READ LABELS!!
  2. The scale is a LIE – Not just a lie but a BOLD FACE LIE. I challenged myself the first 90 days of the year with some major gains, please see this post for pics. Then I did another challenge this summer and not reach my goal weight but reached many strength goals. Comparing the two, certain body parts looked EXTREMELY enhanced. My body was nice during both times and the scale weight was not the same number. I’m no longer a slave to the scale, instead I use it as a GUIDE. Because when I looked in the mirror and at pictures and I was more than happy.
  3. Health over Everything – My blog is pretty much based off of gaining weight the healthy weight but I’m constantly growing and learning more about foods and ingredients to enhance my health. Towards the end of Summer I decided not to consume beef and pork anymore. Just a personal choice. I also want to explore more with juicing and homemade recipes versus processed foods. What’s the point in gaining weight when you sacrifice your health? It doesn’t pay to look good on the outside when you’re too sick to enjoy yourself.
  4. Your Body Ain’t the Main Attraction – Sooooooooooooooo, this might be a bit controversial because many of you may have your own opinion. But this year I learned that as women, we think that we have the biggest (X) or smallest (Y) to catch a man, not completely true. Yes, your appearance plays a part but there’s always going to be someone else with a bigger or smaller whatever. So playing that game is dangerous. I realized that even when I wasn’t at my “goal weight”, I was just as attractive without it. I was still receiving attention either way. Your FINE body should ADD to what you bring to the table but should not be the end all be all. There should be more to you than that.
  5. Set a Fitness Goal for YOU – This is similar to #4. I know many women (and men) may be on this road to gaining weight and muscle because someone else want them to do it. Or maybe they “think” someone else would prefer them with weight. NO! There is only one life to live and you must live it for yourself. IF that person can not accept you when you’re not at your best, then they shouldn’t have you when you actually are at your best. As I mentioned before, there should be more to you than your body that you bring to the table. This doesn’t mean NOT to go after your fitness goals, just don’t depend on making someone else happy based off of it. Truth be told, humans are fickle. So if it’s your weight today, it may be your wardrobe tomorrow, or your haircut the next week. It will never end. 
    This is half of the list to keep this post short. LOL! I didn’t want to bore y’all with all this writing. Be sure to check back in the morning at 8am (EST) for part two. No worries, it’s already written for you. I won’t flake out on this one. We all know that I can flake out often, but your girl (me) working on it.

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