Welcome back to Part 2 of the 13 Lessons Learned on my Weight Gain Journey 2015. Let’s just jump right in on where we left off, #6.

  1. Every Journey Ain’t the SAME – I don’t know why I would get so frustrated when I started to compare myself to others. No two bodies are the same. So why was I sabotaging myself and my journey? I wrote about my feelings on this topic in a this blog post. From time to time, I have to fight against it which is one of the reasons I take breaks from social media. Listen, it can be frustrated to see me disappear but sometimes I need to focus on me and not get distracted by outside forces. This method works for me. What I can do is put better systems in place to continue to provide value to my supporters while on my social media break.
  2. MACROS are the Truth – Yes! Pay attention to your macros. It wasn’t until last month that I decided to actually document my macros and read labels. Why have I gone so long not taking it seriously? The beginning of the year I did lightweight keep up with it but slowly done away with it. Moving forward I will do my best to stay on top of it because these nutrients are the keys to some major gains.
  3. Rest and Recovery are your FRIENDS – Whenever I see a squat challenge or whatever without any rest days, I roll my eyes at those charts. I hate seeing those charts floating around the internet. I had several trainers share with me this year about the importance of rest and recovery and was forever changed. Not only did it change my world but I saw significant gains. I NEVER seen my body transform the way it did. Whew! Believe me when I tell you, rest in between working out major muscle groups.
  4. Never Neglect your Core – After saying the importance of rest and recovery, I will say that working your core in different exercises often if not everyday is key. So I’m still understanding this but I had someone mention to me that the core muscles are different than your other muscle groups. With that in mind, you need to work your core way more. What I notice is that many of the exercises require me to work my core so I have it covered, but I do go the extra mile and incorporate core workouts everyday. I usually set at least one workout for only core exercises, too.
  5. Tracking Your Progress is so Motivational – This was one of the main things to keep me going. The joy you get from seeing you transform is a feeling that’s so hard to describe. The best way I can explain it is by telling you that it motivated me to get up at 5am to travel to the gym 5 days a week for 90 days. To be honest, I had to work up to that level though. Progress means you don’t START at where you wanna be. You have to accept where you are now, and work up to each level. I started with three days a week, the next week I started going four days, the next week I started going five days, and eventually led to 6-7 days if I had the time. Progress is better than perfection.
  6. Start Loving Yourself TODAY – I can’t remember when I realized this lesson but I’m glad it was a lesson learned. It’s hard to move forward when you don’t appreciate what you already have. This may echo #10 ( but it’s so important to love your current body at this very moment. Being able to release the frustration you may have about yourself allows room from progress. Holding onto the negative feelings will keep you negative and prevent you from feeling inspired. Move forward even in imperfection.
  7. Consistency is Hard but not Impossible – If anyone knows about how hard consistency is, it would be me. Have you read my blog posts?? LOL! My point is, I understand just how hard being consistent can be but the key to it is to eliminate excuses. Eliminate the reasons why you don’t workout or eat your macros and calories. Perhaps you need to rearrange your schedule or meal plan? Finding out WHY you are inconsistent is where you’ll find your solution to become consistent. That small exercise is what I use even today when I find myself falling off. I can’t say it will be easy to stick with it but it’s definitely possible.
  8. The Journey Never Ends – The idea that you will gain the weight and that’s it, is not a reality for all people. Sorry. Once I reached my ideal body, I stopped going to the gym and thought meal planning wasn’t necessary. That led to losing some of my gains (not all thankfully) and having to rebuild. The good thing about muscle is that it isn’t difficult to rebuild where you left off but you have to maintain it. The journey continues because either you will constantly improve yourself or you must commit to the lifestyle to keep up with what your worked for. That was a hard reality that I learned this year and I’m now more committed to make this a lifestyle shift. The journey won’t be perfect either, but as long as you continue that’s all that matters. Take a break but never give up.


Comparing where I was last year to this year, I have made SERIOUS progress. This time last year I was highly disappointed in myself because I didn’t make any gains from my 90 days of gains challenge. At this point, I made the gains and had the body to show off. Now, I’m rebuilding my strength to get my summer body again but I look pretty darn good even without reaching my current goal. LOL! I’m honestly happy right where I am at this point, even in my imperfection. 


How about you? What have you learned on your fitness journey? If you haven’t started your fitness journey, what are some of your goals for 2016? What are your struggles?

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One thought on “13 Lessons Learned on my Weight Gain Journey in 2015 PT2

  1. I am quite thankful to your blog and I truly wish I too get to fulfill all my weight gain goals super soon. I am taking notes of all the points you mentioned in your whole blog. Wish me luck!

    Posted on May 7, 2017 at 4:50 am