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1. Looking for Overnight Weight Gain – Listen, nothing good comes too easy. I’m learning that more and more. In order to gain solid weight that stays on, you have to change your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle will not happen overnight. Sorry. It takes plenty of discipline and determination to resist the urge to skipping meals. Don’t rush. Appreciate the process and don’t give up.

2. Skipping Meals– If you’re serious about gaining weight, you have to stop skipping meals. Let that be your first order of business if you’re new to this weight gain game. Stop skipping meals. Skipping meals work against you regardless of the calorie intake. The more meals you can fit in your day the easier it is to hit your calorie goal for the day. If you’re working a deficit amount of calories, how exactly do you plan to gain the weight and muscle. Macros and Calories are your best friends.
3. Not Paying Attention to Macros – Yes, calories matter but it’s debatable on whether or not Macros matter a little more. There’s a such thing as empty calories, and if you consume them after strength training your gains will be next to nothing. Be sure your daily diet has your necessary Macros (fats, carbs, and protein). Here’s a website to help you calculate how much macros you should consume for gains. Ever heard of IIFYM? Well it means If It Fit Your Macros.
4. Neglecting Health – What’s the point of gaining weight if you’re not well enough to enjoy the body? It’s pointless. I’ve mentioned this countless times on this blog that it is a must to keep your health in check while gaining weight. Eating crap to gain weight is not the way. Use real foods to gain real weight! It will save you plenty of medical bills and doctor visits.
5. Inadequate rest – Rest is when your gains truly take place. Did you know this? I have had more than one personal trainer tell me that the rest period is necessary for gains to happen. This is why most bodybuilders take a one to two day break between working each muscle group. Here are two articles that support this point, here and here.
6. Avoiding Exercise – I remember watching a YouTube video about weight gain for women and the YouTuber said that she recommends avoiding all forms of exercise. At the time, it was a long time ago, I thought that was true. After reading and hiring professionals to help me, I realize how that is so UNTRUE. Although I’m not a fan of cardio, I have found ways to get cardio in on the treadmill or other forms of exercise while still building muscle. For example, I use very high incline on the treadmill to build my lower leg. I usually Power Walk and not run often. Using the incline can build muscle in your legs and glutes while also give you the cardio you need. Heart health is very important, peeps.
7. Defeat of the Mind – It’s interesting that no one really talks about the mental side of a fitness journey. With the urgency to constantly out perform someone else via social media or just…life, you can’t help but feel stressed when trying to change your body. Especially women, we have this burden of being perfect quickly and that can cause anxiety, depression and other health issues. The thing about any fitness journey is that it honestly starts in your mind. I find that I’m consistent when I mentally challenged myself to accomplish whatever. Once I said I want “X”, I usually will do whatever I have to do to get that thing. My recent inconsistent behavior stems from the fact that, I kind of like my body as it is. I’m curious to achieve my ideal body but not pressed about it. However lately, now that summer is near and IVY Park is arriving I feel the desire to get that Summer 2015 body back. Before you start your journey, determine if you REALLY want it. Then ask yourself WHY you want it. Write it down and look those answers everytime you want to quit or fall off your routine.

8. Being too dependent on Supplements – As much as I love my favorite weight gain powder, I try not to become dependent on it for weight gain. I look for ways to consume the same amount of calories and/or protein with real foods or other sources. Being dependent on supplements could potentially lead to addiction and we don’t really want that. Plus, supplements can get to be expensive. I’d rather spend my money on other things in life other than supplements each month. I do my best to stretch it out and that’s why I usually purchase weight gain powder every year versus every three months. This is why I love to experiment with different foods and routines. Try and mix it up so your body isn’t used to one certain way or food or routine.
9. Inconsistency – Now this is a serious struggle of mine. This is why diets and such aren’t necessarily successful for most people becomes the practices are developed into lifestyle habits. Creating lifestyle habits is the key to consistent behavior. The only catch is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and making plenty mistakes and seeing how it works with your life. What works for one person may not work for another person. My routine that I developed last year that was so successful doesn’t really mesh well with my current lifestyle because a lot has changed. When starting any fitness journey, it’s best to see how to incorporate little habits into your existing routine.
10. Body Comparison – This one will get you every single time. Comparison will rob you of your focus and confidence. Don’t do it. It’s good to use people as examples but understand that the results some else achieve may not look the same on your body. I’ve said this so many times on my blog because I know what it’s like to fall into the trap of body comparison. Just don’t do it. If you ever feel down because you find yourself comparing, look at your progress pics. This helps me out!! I look back at where I was last year as a guide and goal on what I know can be done. Before I had progress pics, I would envision how I want MY body to look. Using visualization was very helpful and before I knew it, my body transformed into something I had visualized the whole time.

Bonus – Respect the journey and where you are RIGHT NOW! Appreciation brings gratitude and then change follows. Believe me when I say that.


I know some of these mistakes I have mentioned over and over throughout the blog. The only reason why I bring it up over and over again is because it’s something that I struggle with and I hear people battle with it too. Sometimes you have to hear things a million times before the light bulb turns on. I wish you peace and many gains!

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One thought on “10 Common Mistakes When Trying to Gain Weight

  1. Great stuff! These things should always kept in mind. Otherwise the whole effort goes to zero. Gaining weight is not easy, you have to be aware always.

    Posted on August 6, 2019 at 8:16 am