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Back in February 2016, I went to the Groupon website on the hunt for some new fitness classes to get me out of the rut of being bored to death with going to the gym. I entered 2016 ready to move pass my plateau in fitness but got stuck with the same fitness routines. Ughhhh! I wasn’t ready to commit to monthly payments to different fitness classes I haven’t tried before, and Groupon was a great alternative to test the waters in multiple places in my area to see what I enjoy the most. On my YouTube channel I mentioned that I have been using Groupon Coupons a lot and I’m still using it. So far my favorite classes have been different Twerk Classes. We all know what twerking is, don’t act surprise! In addition to twerking, I also have a groupon for boxing that I need to use up. Next I’ll try another coupon for twerk classes and this new fitness trend of Barre workout (ballet and strength training).

As if the fitness classes weren’t enough, you can also find affordable fitness clothes, supplements, equipment, and swimwear through Groupon Coupons. In the past, I always saw Groupon as just a site to find discounts on events but it is soooooooooo much more than that. I’m now surfing for some new cute swimwear and cute workout apparel. I don’t always want to dish out a lot of money for these things and thankfully I can rely on Groupon as a discount option. Here are some places you can receive a pretty big discount for quality workout apparel or swimwear for that new body (or old one): Aerie, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Last Call Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Puma, and Rue21. Try not to go to crazy on all these deals but do enjoy. I had to put y’all onto this and I know it’s overdue since my last mention on my YouTube channel. If you do get something from the Groupon Coupons, please share on social media by tagging me.


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