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In my last post about twerking, I talked about how I’ve found plenty of deals on Groupon for fitness and clothes. Still using Groupon. My last class for twerking is tomorrow and I may still pay for the classes outside of Groupon. The classes were just that good! The season is changing and now I’m looking for new fitness classes to expand my fitness game. In a few weeks, I’m ending my membership with OrangeTheory. So all of these changes have me searching Groupon for dance classes, boxing classes, swimming, and crossfit.

Budget has been my favorite word as of late. Thanks to Groupon, I realized that I really need to enroll in group classes to stay motivated. To be honest, it’s so much easier to try different classes out with for low prices. As much as I enjoy my solo workout at the gym, it gets boring after a while. Plus these classes are sooooooo much cheaper than hiring a trainer if you can’t afford it. Again I can’t stress this enough, if you’re on a budget and want to test out some fitness classes go to Groupon.

In addition to fitness classes, I’ve also been looking to try out some beauty spots. Although summer is ending, I’m still interested in some of hair removal, eyelash extensions, and eyebrow threading. My beauty regimen needs to be refreshed. Since my eyebrow lady/aesthetician has now moved on from my salon, I’m now in search for a new spot. Hair removal is something I’m always looking to try to upgrade outside of razors, whether it be waxing or laser hair removal (for the cheap). It’s nice to pamper yourself every now and then. Oh I forgot to mention that I’ve been searching the site for spa packages I plan to try once I get my coins together. I need it right now. We’ll save the deets on that for another post. Girl… it’s been tough.

Overall, I will continue to celebrate Groupon as my affordable way to stunt out here in these D.C. streets with fitness, beauty packages, and tickets to events in the city. I’m not sure I understand why people aren’t taking advantage of discounted opportunities. Am I the only one who has to pay bills??

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