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What’s this blog about?

What originally started out as a Weight Gain blog only transformed into a Lifestyle blog. I still share info on Weight Gain and Fitness but the topics have evolved into Natural Hair Commentary, events in DC, recipes, as well as my fitness/weight gain journey. I’m working on replacing many favorite foods with healthy options and cooking at home. Being underweight is something I have to fight against and living a balanced life is just as important to me. I have a lot to say and interesting commentary on plenty of topics.


Have you successfully gained weight?

Yes I have. 126lbs was my highest weight. I also gained a lot of fat. No bueno! At this moment, I’m shredding fat around my waist and building my curves the right way.


Where should I start for weight gain information?

Start on the weight gain tab or on my blog post of my 3 month results here.


I hope you enjoy your visit on my site.¬†Welcome! ūüôā

My mantra: Eat Good. Work Hard. Live Fully.



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Instagram / Youtube / Twitter / Pinterest / Facebook / Periscope / SnapChat: skinnygotcurves